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Thu, Aug. 11th, 2005, 05:24 pm
it happened!

i have a .............!!!

Fri, Jul. 22nd, 2005, 11:08 pm
HAIR emergency!

i want to try something [NEW] with my hair got any cool and fun ideas?!?!?!?!

Wed, Jul. 20th, 2005, 02:48 pm

_____?_____ called me today!
I was in complete shock.
He said if i wanted to go to six flags
I said when?
He said tomorrow.

Changed the conversation and asked if i wanted to get my lip pierced
I said yeah but that i was toooo damn scared
he kept insisting, but i kept refusing.
So after 10 min. of talking he had to go.

20 min. the phone rings...
It's him [again]
Asked what was up
he asked if i wanted to go see him get his tongue pierced
without hesitation said yes.

An hour later he calls to tell me he's outside already
We bounce and he asks how i been.
I said 'fine'
We enter the shop and i was nervous for him.

We go to the room where all the torturing goes on.
Asked him if he was nerves he says no.
I stood there and watched him suffer so about 5 secs.
Till he sticks his tongue out in my face and asks me what i think.

I say "it's sick!!"
Through out the whole time I was really quiet.
But i guess i was happy.
We get to my house and i say thanks for the ride.
He says thanks for the nice time.
as i got out of the car to walk away he yells out "call me"

I just laughed and said "yeah"
I didn't call. I guess he'll get the point.
I don't really care. But let's just see what happens.
I can't stop thinking!
So i guess i'll stop here and think some more.

Mon, Jul. 18th, 2005, 03:26 pm
I'm back!...missed me?

A lot of drama has been going on.
Let me get you updated on my life.

Here goes...

So i suppose i had a crush on this guy at school.
Not sure of what i really felt for him.
I recently started talking to his best friend
Which we happened to connect like i never imagined.
It's weird out of all the people in the world it happened to be [him]
We talked for hours and hours.
He's really cool, we can talk about anything and he'll understand.

We start talking about my so called "crush"
I wasnt surprised by the things he told me about him.
It was expected, and it didnt hurt me, like i thought it would.
Now i understand why he would brag about people hating him!
He's such an ass, I'm over whatever i "felt" for him.

He also mentioned that ____?____ current girlfriend was talking shit about me
I have to admit that got me FURIOUS!
But doesnt even know me and she's talking crap already!
this is what he told me the hoe said:
"she has a "weird" shaped body, and has big hair"
Bitch they're called CURVES! something i heard you NEED!

I was surprised when he mentioned that he stoop up for me.
he told her that i have a better style than she does
and i also have a prettier face!
I was speechless, because with no obligation he stoop up for me!
He also said that dumbass ____?____ didnt say a word to what his dumb
little hoe said about me, he just stayed quiet!

He said that ____?____ is a proud slut, that he admits it.
What the fuck was i thinking?!?!?!? ERRR im so mad at myself
but glad that nothing ever did happend between us.

he's such an

Then he moved on saying that ____?____ girlfriend is breaking their friendship
he seemed kinda sad, but that stupid hoe is going to get it one day!
OH well right? Im so glad i opened my eyes on time.
Time to move on my friends.

Ya well there you have it.

Thu, Jun. 30th, 2005, 02:09 pm

yesterday was my sister graduation.
Just being there made me feel EXCITED and all bouncy
but the bad news is that i didn't see....
i wanted to see him ONE last time but, failed to do it
I just saw his friend, and that was ALL
It was horrible and i feel all weird.
I didn't get the chance to thank him for EVERYTHING
for saving me during those REALLY boring lunches!
For taking away my DOLL!
and to Congratulate him on his GRADUATION!!

i DON't like him
but WHY?? am i feeling like i WANT him?
to make any matters worst, my mom washed my clothes yesterday
and unfortunately i had his number in my dirty jeans
and she WASHED IT!!! i was so devastated!!
I confronted her about it, and she said that
all the papers that i had on my jeans was PURE TRASH!!
now i CANT even talk to him on the phone!!

BOY i'm going to miss him!
But i wish him the best in EVERYTHING!

Wed, Jun. 15th, 2005, 10:43 pm

the hottest guy in school
came up to me to talk
and well it was fun

we took pictures together and i had a blast.

Sat, May. 21st, 2005, 12:57 pm

So there has been rumors going around
About how ____?____ likes me
My friends tell me he wants to meet me
He wants to get to know me better.

After 4th period
My friend Christy tells me
if i wanted to meet ____?____ i sadly said NO :D
She insisted but i said Monday

But when 5th period was over
I always go to my locker to get my French book
So i did and found out my friend wasn't there
(she usually waits FOR ME!)
I quickly opened my locker and got my book
and left.
I saw ____?____ on my way to the locker.

I was already on my way to class when i hear
someone call me, well actually it was more
like a pat in the back.
As i turned around i surprisingly saw __________!!!
i was in complete shock!

He gave me a letter
HAHA! it was pretty weird but he just said that
he knew that i might think he's weird but that his reason for this
was explained in the letter.

i get to 6 period and read the letter.
It just said how he loves the way i dress
And the unique way of expressing "me"
He wants to get to know me better.

So i wrote back saying that he does have BALLS!
I mean i know and heard of a lot of people who
find me INTIMIDATING and never do have chutzpah
to come up and talk to me
but he did and that was really cool of him

Let's see what happens on MONDAY!!

P.s have a nice weekend everyone!

Thu, May. 19th, 2005, 10:43 am
My Sister's Birthday!

It's May 19!
Today is my sister's 18th birthday!
It was pretty fun.

But i just wanna tell her once again:

Happy Birthday! :)

Thu, May. 12th, 2005, 04:10 pm

Biology class is always so fun
Today we had our own mini Fear Factor in class,
With our mutations. My team came in 2nd place.
So yeah that was fun

Yesterday after 4th period my friend Denny pulled me
to a side told me he had to tell me something.
I said shoot away. I learned that one of his "homies"
had told him to tell me "what's up?"
I just looked at him all weird.
Said i wasn't interested, but said that he would show him
to me tomorrow (which is today)
My friend Miguel was right behind me and had listen to
everything. Ran to catch up to me and told me he knew who it was.
I asked him if he could please tell me who it was
he said dont say anything but it's _______ (a dude i know).
i was in shocked but didnt think much of it.

today Denny showed up during lunch with a letter that his
homie had written to me.
I hesitated to read it but, my friends didn't...lol
It turns out it wasn't who Miguel said it was!
It said umm i forgot, cause i gave it back to him,
but from what i remember it said that he was interested in me and that he would like to get to know me better and to please give him my number
and to write back to him.
So i did and gave him that rejection number instead of mine!
Hopefully he gets the message and leaves me alone.

to make matters worse(r) I found out yesterday through a My space
message, that Miguel also likes me! Now, when i found that out
i felt all annoyed. I mean why is it that whenever you have a
"cool" friendship with a person they always end up falling for you!
ERR i was so mad 'cause as much as i try not to feel weird around him
i know i will. The dude sits in front of me for 4th period. What now?
I hate to turn this Miguel guy down but sorry, im not interested.

so today that we were in biology class the desks had been
arranged in a circle format and well, i sat next to my really cool friend Cesar, Miguel decides to sit next to him, and i could notice him
constantly starring at me, it was weird. I find it annoying!
Things will not go back to normal!
I hate knowing things like those. I believe i'm better off not
knowing them. Now my favorite class is not my favorite
i used to always looked forward to go to that class, but not no more.
It's dumb and weird.

P.E is fun now, i met this really cool guy and well, he makes it fun
He has some HOT friends GRR... lol yup.
well, that's mostly all that's at the top of my head right now so lates.

Tue, May. 10th, 2005, 09:05 pm

I got really late to school today.
My english teacher just looked at me disappointed.
Asked her if i could print out my essay she said "no"
But didn't get to read it so HAHA!
We came out early today and well, it was fun.
My biology teacher has this whole mutation thing going on
in class and there were 5 mutations you could of gotten

1.elongated fingers
2.loosing your thumb
3.opposite attract
4.loosing your sight vision
5.loosing your thumb plus index finger.

i got stuck with opposite attract!

i wanted to get elongated fingers so bad,
and I'm so sad cuz that means I'm not allowed use my left hand at all!
I didn't even finish writting my dispatch.
My writting looks worse than a kindergaten's.
She even gave us this paper for our 5th and 6th period teachers
to sign to agree that we werent using our mutations
I gotta admit i had a blast making fun of my friends who got
to wear goggles all day around school.

I have this rainbow belt and well i wear it DUH
But people start thinking im a lesbian only cause of it
So today during P.E i was there messing around with my buddies
when this black girl (not to be racist) she started calling me
Since we were distant apart she said to me, "ey girl come here"
and i just turned around and looked at her and said "what do you want?" and she kept saying, "come here!" so i told her "no, you come her, you're the one that wants to talk to me" so then she again demanded i went to where she was,so i just turned around and kept walking, but then i heard her say my homie said "whats up" People are so STUPID these days
HAHA but i laughed.

It was hilarious during 6th period because we were "doing our work" and we see our teacher go out the classroom,just to have a little bit of fun, we kept yelling to this one girl who happened to be sitting next to the door, to close it!! she wouldn't dare to do it not even after we told her we wouldn't snitch on her.Since we couldn't convince her, Jackie the girl next to her got up and closed it
Then i said if he knocks let's just act like we cant hear him.
But then my friend and i ran to the shutters and closed them.
Then one kid started messing around with the grades.
Our teacher didnt come back 1 minute before the bell rang
We were left alone in class for about 15 minutes.
It was sooo fun!

Yup well that's all for today!

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